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Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form

(Part B): Open Studio Dates & Other Info
Use this form to tell us about your studio access, which dates you will be open and other useful information to complete your application.

This form must be completed in addition to:

Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form, (Part A) here: https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/hURuxZand

along with

Artist Statement Form: https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/ujzYOJ
Exhibition Entry Form (Part A): https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/UB47t6
Exhibition Entry Form (Part B): https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/Zem0UN

to complete your full application as an Open Studio Artist.


Midnight Tuesday 1st August 2017 by email/online, Friday 4th August for postal entries.

Please note you do not need to upload any images or make any payments at this time i.e. these are to be sent separately after you have completed your application process.

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Artist / Art Group Name *

Please re-enter your artist or art group name here. This must be the same name you entered in Part A of the open studios application form.
Group Information

If part of a group that is taking part, please tell us who else is in the group and whom/how many of these are recent graduates (i.e. graduated in the past two years)
Shared studio space *

Please tell us if you have or need studio space to share

Studio Access *

Please indicate the type(s) of access your studio provides or tell us how to access your studio. This is important information for your visitors and will be indicated on your profile in the brochure and website so they are made aware of how to access your studio.

Artist & Studio Services *

Please select all the options that tell visitors about the services or activities that you provide as an artist at your studio or elsewhere. The first 3 (i.e. Workshops, Demonstrations & Open by Appointment) will be indicated with your profile in the brochure. All those selected will be indicated on the website.

Open Studio Weekends & Other Dates *

Please select one or more options below  to indicate which days/dates or any OTHER additional weekdays or Xmas dates/times your studio will be open.  On the open weekends you must open your studio between 10-5pm on the dates you have selected.

Brochure Image Preference *

Please list the 3 images in order of preference (1st, 2nd, 3rd) that you will be sending us by email as part of your application to be displayed in the brochure and on the website. Please use the title of the work which should also correspond to the filename of the image. If part of a group please also add the artist name to the filename of the image.

Eg: _.jpg or .jpg

Only list 3 images even if you might be sending us more for the website.
Artist Checklist *

Thank you {{answer_55402727}}for completing your Open Studio Artist Application.

You are almost finished but first check you have completed all the necessary steps for a successful application.

Please check and select the options below to confirm you have completed all steps for your application

If you missed any of these steps you can find the additional forms here:

Artist Statement Form:

Stage 2: Exhibition Entry Form (Part A):

Stage 2: Exhibition Entry Form (Part B):

Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form (Part A):

Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form (Part B) - this form


Images of work for exhibition, brochure and website should be sent to info@cheshireopenstudios.org.uk. You can also send us your images on CD by post. We no longer accept photographs by post.

Images should be high quality jpeg (300dpi or better). Please do not embed these in Word or PDF files.
Also send us a profile image of you or you working in you studio.


To work out what you need to pay please visit our website at: 

Payment can be made by sending a cheque made payable to Cheshire Open Studios and sending it to Cheshire Open Studios, c/o 8 Bakers Court, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 2BQ.

Alternatively you can pay by Paypal. Please contact us at info@cheshireopenstudios.org.uk for more information on how to pay using Paypal.

Please note fees are non-refundable. Submitting your application confirms your acceptance of the entry terms and conditions.

Give us your opinion *

Please rate your experience in completing your application.
Congratulations {{answer_55402727}}!

You have now completed all your application forms.

Thank you for applying to take part in 2017.

We are so looking forward to it.

Remember to send us a copy of your Public Liability Insurance and Images of you and your work along with your Membership fee.

Your are now ready to Submit to complete your application.

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