Welcome to Cheshire Open Studios 2017!
Cheshire Open Studios is an exciting and successful regional arts event that has taken place annually since 1997. Over the years the event includes between 40 - 80 Cheshire based artists and craft makers opening their studios as individuals or in-groups, over a series of weekends or weekdays and coming together for a yearly group exhibition.  

In 2017 Cheshire Open Studios celebrates 20 years of open studios in September & October 2017 and is one of the major art events in the region's art calendar.

This initiative is designed to support professional & semi-professional artists, craft makers, creatives and artisans who often work in isolation; enabling networking and mutual support and an opportunity to engage with their audiences whilst also raising awareness of the artists and the artistic community in Cheshire.

The event attracts visitors both locally, regionally, nationally & internationally and is visited by between 2000 - 5000 people of all ages.

The project attempts to address the lack of contemporary galleries and local exhibition spaces for local artists within Cheshire by helping to promote local artists in their own or public spaces whilst encouraging new opportunities for residencies, commissions, selling, exhibiting and teaching. Participants benefit from a boost to their profile through high quality publicity, including a full colour A5 brochure, posters, news publications, banners, radio broadcasts, press releases, website and social media networking. We would also like to encourage more participation by performance, experimental, conceptual or emerging artists and recent graduates whom benefit from a discount on membership.

There is no formal selection process for participants of Cheshire Open Studios however you must be a professional or semi-professional artist, craftsperson, creative, performer or artisan living and working in Cheshire.

Cheshire Open Studios is a self-funding, not-for-profit, voluntary artist led project, run by a voluntary steering group and project coordinator. All funds raised are used to promote the event and the artists that participate.

We look forward to you joining us this year!

Please note:
you do not need to upload any images or make any payments at this time i.e. these are to be sent separately after you have completed your application process.
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Please enter your full name or name to be used in all publications.
Public Liability Insurance *

Please indicate if you currently have public liability insurance to cover your work in the exhibition and opening your studio space to the public. State "No" if you currently have no insurance but will obtain some at a later date prior to participation. We will request copies of your insurance prior to accepting your work for exhibition and/or opening your studio. Further information about obtaining insurance can be found on our website or by contacting us.
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Please enter your full postal or studio address to be used in all publications and correspondence
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How will you be participating this year? *

Please select all the options that indicate how you will be participating this year.

For example:

If participating as an open studios artist that will be opening your studio you must select both Exhibition & Open Studios

If entering the exhibition only then just select Exhibition.

If participating as part of a group also select Part of a Group.

If you would like to help as a volunteer with this years event also select Volunteer

If you would like to put on a performance during the exhibition or at one of the locations during the event then select Performer/Performance. We will contact you later to arrange details.

.. and so on.

Please also indicate if you would like to help volunteer in any capacity either this year or in following years.

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Now tell us what work you will be entering into the Exhibition by completing the Exhibition Entry Form here:

Stage 2: Exhibition Entry Form (Part A): https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/UB47t6

Stage 2: Exhibition Entry Form (Part B): https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/Zem0UN

If you have chosen to take part as an Open Studios Artist/Art Group you will also need to complete:

Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form, (Part A) : https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/hURuxZand

Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form (Part B):

You will also find these linked on the website or email you received to complete your application

Please open or save these links before submitting this form.

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