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Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form
Part A - About You / Your Group
Use this form to enter as an Cheshire Open Studios Artist/Art Group. 

This form is for artists who wish to take part in opening their studios to the public and provides additional information required for such artists.

If you would like to participate as an Open Studio Artist the criteria is as follows.
  YOU MUST:   ·      

Be a practising professional or semi-professional contemporary artist or craft maker / artisan making original works, not solely a commercial outlet (i.e. not a gift shop, commercial gallery or an amateur artist).

From 2015 applications are also open to local community galleries (supporting local artists) or art groups with studio spaces or based within commercial outlets.  

Your studio that will be open to the public must be within the ceremonial county of Cheshire i.e. Cheshire East, West & Chester, Halton (Runcorn) or Warrington. 

Have public liability insurance during the period your studio is open to the public

Submit a minimum of one or more pieces of work to the exhibition 

Be present at your workspace and available in person to the public on your advertised open days between the stated opening hours: 10am – 5pm


To enter and complete your application as an open studio artist you must also completed these other forms as part of your application:

Artist Statement Form: https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/ujzYOJ
Exhibition Entry Form (Part A): https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/UB47t6
Exhibition Entry Form (Part B): https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/Zem0UN

All Open Studio Artists must submit at least one work for the exhibition.

Your application will only be processed once all forms have been completed and submitted along with the relevant entry fee.

Midnight Tuesday 1st August 2017 by email/online entries
or Friday 4th August for postal entries

To apply by post/email please see our website to download and complete the forms here: 


Standard Membership
£75 per entry + £10 for each additional artist in a group (¼ A5 page)  
For individual artists wanting ½ page: £150 (buys 1/2 or two ¼ spaces in the brochure).  
Max of 2 works per artist.
Suitable for:
Individual artist or small group of up to 3 artists.

Group Membership
 £100 per group entry (3+) + £10 for each additional artist in a group. (£90 covers first 3 artists in the group i.e. £30 per artist - buys 1/2 A5 page)  
Max of 2 works per artist in the group
Suitable for: Groups > 3 artists

Please note: GROUP studios applying for membership please note that only 1 contact phone number and e-mail address will appear in print as the main contact for the group. Each artist within a group can have their own space/profile on the website with at least 3 or more images each which are to be emailed separately to info@cheshireopenstudios.org.uk.   Please ensure completion of an additional artist statement for each artist in your group is submitted with your application providing all relevant information & images clearly labelled to go onto the website or in the brochure.

Recent graduates (i.e. graduated in past 2 years) get a 25% discount.

For more information, examples to figure out what to pay please see our website at http://cheshireopenstudios.org.uk/sign-up/

Please note: you do not need to upload any images or make any payments at this time i.e. these are to be sent separately after you have completed your application process.

We look forward to you taking part!
Apply Here
Artist / Art Group Name *

Please re-enter your artist name, give your artist name or art group name as you want it to appear in the brochure and on the website.
Main Studio Address *

Please enter the full address where you will be opening your studio including your postcode or enter "Same as Artist Statement"
Contact Telephone *

Please enter a main contact telephone number for your studio or group. This will be used in all publications.
Website *

Please enter your artist or group website link to be used in all publications
Helpful directions *

Please provide some directions for the public to get to your studio (around 15-20 words/500 characters max).

Remember visitors may not be familiar with your area or location and may approach from different directions. Use suitable main roads and landmarks to help them find you easily.
Studio Location & Description *

Please provide some useful information about your studio and its location for publication (around 15-20 words/500 characters max). This statement will be used in the brochure and website and ideally should be informative and interesting to encourage visitors to visit your studio.

Brochure Statement *

Please provide a short statement to be included in the brochure about you as an artist or your art group (750 characters max). This statement will accompany your Studio Location Description in the brochure and on the website.

No more than 15 -20 words for Standard (1/4 A5 page), an estimate of up to 50 - 80 words for Groups (1/2 A5 page)
Website Artist / Art Group Statement *

Please enter a statement to be included on our website for you or your group. To use the one provided in your Artist Statement (i.e. Long Version) enter "as in Artist Statement".

Ideally 50 - 100 words/ up to 1/2 A4 page. For groups you may want to send a statement for each artist etc -  please submit separate Artists Statements for each additional Artist in your group and enter an overall Artist Group statement here to also be included.
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Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form (Part B)

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