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Stage 2 - Exhibition Entry Form (Part B)
Use this form to provide us with the additional information that forms part of your application entry. This tells us more about how you will need to exhibit your work and a bit more about you and your participation in this years event.

This must be completed and submitted with

Exhibition Entry Form (Part A): https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/UB47t6


Artist Statement Form: https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/ujzYOJ

to complete your entry for the exhibition.

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Artist Name *

Please re-enter your artist name here
Handing In Work *

Please select when you will drop off your work for exhibition or select Other to tell us when you will be handing in your work. If someone else is bringing your work please also state their name. Please note all work must be handed in by 4pm Tuesday 19th at the latest.

Collection of Work *

Please state if and when you can collect your work when the exhibition ends. Choose Other if you cannot collect your work and state when/whom will be collecting it. Please note work cannot be removed from the exhibition before it closes on Wednesday 1st November at 4pm.

Collection of Unselected Work 
(only applicable for Exhibition Only artists)

If an Exhibition Only artist please indicate if you can collect your work on the date/times below or provide an alternative collection date/time along with whom will collect it.

Please note: Any unselected works must ideally be collected before Friday 22nd September. However alternative arrangements for collection can be arranged prior to handing in with either Kim at Castle Park Arts Centre or by contacting us. Please notify us of any alternative arrangements you make by selecting Other below.

Exhibiting Options *

Please select all the options below that apply to you for taking part in the exhibition i.e. do you need a plinth, display cabinet etc.

Please provide any additional information using the Other option below and as much detailed info as possible on how you would like your work to be displayed ….e.g.- ‘my work needs to be in a display cabinet, will hang on wall using mirror plates, needs to be suspended from ceiling or hung using hooks, please display on floor or on plinths etc’  we will do our best to accommodate your wishes within the gallery guidelines

Can you help? *

We appreciate you joining us this year. However as you know our event is run by volunteers, many artists just like you and we would very much appreciate it if you can help us with the exhibition this year. Please select all the options that best suit you on how you might be able help us below

Equal Opportunities *

The following information helps to monitor our equal opportunities policy. Please indicate as necessary. Select all that apply.

Almost there {{answer_55386219}}

You have almost completed you exhibition entry. After you submit you exhibition entry please send us your exhibition entry fee to finalise your application.

You must also send us by email to info@cheshireopenstudios.org.uk or by post images of the work you are submitting into the exhibition. Please ensure these are good quality images (300dpi or better) excluding any mounts or frames.

Exhibition Only Entry fee is £10 per work.  Please note this is a non-returnable fee.

Payment can be made by sending a cheque made payable to Cheshire Open Studios and sending it to Cheshire Open Studios, c/o 8 Bakers Court, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 2BQ.

Alternatively you can pay by Paypal. Please contact us at info@cheshireopenstudios.org.uk for more information on how to pay using Paypal.

Don't forget to attach labels to your work when handing it in. These will be sent out to you at a later date.


If your taking part as an Open Studio Artist you DO NOT need to send us an exhibition fee i.e. exhibition entry is included as part of the open studio artist fee. You will however need to complete the final Stage 3 - Open Studios Artist Application Form(s) here:

Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form (Part A):


Stage 3: Open Studios Application Form (Part B):

Thank you for choosing to exhibit with us this year.
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