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Stage 2: Exhibition Entry Form (Part A)

Use this form to tell us what works you will be submitting to the exhibition this year. 

Midnight Tuesday 1st August 2017 by email/online entries 
or Friday 4th August for postal entries

To apply by post/email please see our website to download and complete the forms here:


Annual Open Exhibition 19th September – 2 November 2017

Exhibition Venue: Gallery 1 @ CastlePark Arts Centre, Frodsham, Cheshire

Exhibition Prizes and Awards on offer this year range from £40 to £200 and include:

Gallery Choice Award

Mayors Choice Award

Steering Group Choice Award

Visitor’s Choice Award

Best Newcomer Award (for new & emerging artists only)

Exhibition Schedule:

Please take careful note of these dates.

Handing in Days Mon 18th 10 am - 4pm & Tues 19th 10 am -12 pm September.
(Arrangements possible to drop off work prior to these dates can be arranged)

All work for exhibition must be received by Tues 19th Sept 12 noon.

Hanging: Tues 19th September 12 am - 4pm

Preview Night: Friday 22nd September 2017, 7-9pm
(All families & friends of artist are invited. Free entry & parking)

Open to public: Sat 23rd September to Wed 1st November

Collection & Take Down: Thurs 2nd November 10-4pm.

Arrangements can be made for those that are unable to make handing in/collection dates if agreed with the organisers beforehand. Please state any arrangements on the exhibition form.

Exhibition Only   Entry fees: £10 per work Max of 2 works (individual artist only)

All Open Studio Artist must exhibit at least one piece of work to the exhibition. Open Studio artist do not pay an exhibition fee i.e. exhibition fees are covered by the Open Studio Artist membership fee (see form for details).

Please note: you do not need to upload any images or make any payments at this time i.e. these are to be sent separately after you have completed your application process.

It is recommended that all work submitted for
the exhibition is removed from online catalogues & websites to avoid conflict of sales and untimely removal of work from the exhibition. If work is sold via another source during the exhibition it cannot be removed until the exhibition is finished.

OK. I want to Exhibit!
Artist Name *

Please re-enter your artist name. This should be your name as on your Artist Statement.
Title of Work #1 *

Please enter the title of the first work you wish to exhibit.
Work #1 - Size? *

Please enter dimensions (width, height & depth if applicable) of work stating cm or inches.
Work # 1 - Price? *

Please state the price in pounds. Sale Price (inc 25% commission). If not for sale please state insurance value with NFS in brackets eg £200 (NFS).
Title of Work #2 (optional)

Please enter the title of the second work you wish to exhibit.
Work #2- Size?

Please enter dimensions (width, height & depth if applicable) of work stating cm or inches.
Work #2 - Price?

Please state the price in pounds. Sale Price (inc 25% commission). If not for sale please state insurance value with NFS in brackets eg £200 (NFS).
Thank you for entering work into our exhibition {{answer_55379341}}

Now please read the following carefully before submitting your entry.

Exhibition Entry Details - Terms & Conditions

Exhibitions are by invitation or application as per the terms & conditions outlined and instructed by the Cheshire Open Studios application process and the hosting exhibition gallery.  

Submission Criteria –  Cheshire Open Studios invites exhibition of works including painting, photography, ceramics, textiles, glass, jewellery, sculpture & furniture. Our main purpose is to demonstrate a variety of creativity and artistic talent in the region, thus we are open to all types of media. Those working in digital or performance should contact us separately for consideration to participate.  

Acceptable works for exhibition include:  
Painting/Photography/2D – guideline is 2 works up to 1m sq each (when framed)

Furniture1-2 piece/set.

Ceramics & Sculpture (i.e. items displayable on plinths or cabinets) up to 2 pieces/sets.

Jewellery or other smaller items 2 - 3 items/sets (but no more than enough to fit into one IKEA glass display cabinet).  

If needed please indicate if you will need or can supply plinths/display cabinets – the gallery may have 3-4 for us to use.  

Submitted works must meet the criteria set out in this document to be accepted.  

You can also submit cards & prints for sale (at your own risk) which must be suitably packaged, labelled & individually priced. All works must be clearly labelled & tagged as instructed. Please provide a full list of items and any suitable display stands if possible.  

Gallery commission is 25% on all items (inc. cards, prints etc) submitted to the exhibition which will need to be reflected in your pricing. If you provide special stands or displays please ensure these are appropriately labelled with your name.  

All images of work sent must be 300dpi (ideally taken with a 5 mega pixel camera or better). Please ensure they are cropped to exclude any frames, mounts etc. Ensure display items have a suitable background that shows off the work at its best.

All participating artists must deliver their work as per the exhibition schedule. If unable to deliver in this time frame please indicate alternate times of delivery on this form.   It is recommended that the majority allow for a 30 minute window between open & close time on these days to allow time for volunteers to arrive, setup and pack up for the day.  

All work must be clearly labeled using the instructions below (at the end of this document).   All works must meet the conditions as outlined here and hung works must have suitable and secure fixings (mirror plates) & frames ready for hanging prior to handing in.  

If unable to make the handing in date work can be left at the Gallery between 10am – 4pm Fri to Sun by prior arrangement. Please clearly state delivery dates on your form. Work will be hung as per the exhibition schedule. If you can help with hanging/arranging this will be much appreciated, please also indicate this on the exhibition form.   If unable to make the allocated dates, please indicate this on the form as to alternative arrangements for handing in and collection.

EXHIBITION DATES   These are as per the exhibition schedule with a private viewing on Friday 22nd September 2017, 7-9pm. Please extend an invite to family & friends as all are welcome. We will be promoting it as a Meet the Artist Evening so please do your best to attend in person especially as we will be awarding prizes on the night!  

COLLECTION:   All unsold work MUST be collected on the above collection dates.   Anyone who has ticked CAN’T DROP OFF / CAN’T PICK UP please try to make your own arrangements with another fellow artist or person to take/collect your work. If unsuccessful or having difficulties please contact us at info@cheshireopenstudios.org.uk to check your area and help put you in touch with an artist or someone from your area that is willing to take/collect your work on your behalf or to help make alternative arrangements with the gallery.  

Please note parking spaces are available but the centre gets busy on some dates. There are two disabled parking spaces by the gates. If full you may need to park in the main park car park to deliver work or access the gallery at other times. We will provide more info on parking nearer the time. Work can also be dropped off at other times by arrangement with Kim at Castle Park Arts Centre. Please inform us if you have made any alternative arrangements with Kim.

EXHIBITION ENTRY FEES:   £10 per work for artists entering the “Exhibition Only” category however work may be subject to selection and approval by the COS steering group & the gallery. If for any reason your work has not been accepted for exhibition we will contact you on 20th September to arrange collection before 22nd Sept or to make alternative arrangements.   Open Studios Artists have no additional exhibition fee to pay.


Installation It is the responsibility of the artist to transport work to and from the gallery and to ensure timely handing in and collection of work. The delivery and removal of works will be done within gallery opening hours at specified delivery times and dates as specified with the Cheshire Open Studios Exhibition Entry Form. It is the responsibility of the artists/s to submit to the exhibition in accordance with the information within this agreement: 

Work should be clean and well presented. 

Two-dimensional exhibits should be presented to acceptable exhibition standards (no clip frames accepted). Work need not be framed if this does not suit the work eg. Textile wall hangings Pictures SHOULD BE hung with mirror brackets

All work needs to be able to be lifted by one person.

Work should be labelled using the label supplied with the exhibition entry form i.e.:clearly stating artist, title, medium and price on the back (please use ‘low tack’ adhesive). Work should be safe to exhibit e.g. No sharp edges, loose parts, hanging methods suited to the scale/weight of the item. 

Any special instructions must be supplied on the entry form. 

Glass cabinet spaces are limited to 4 and will be allocated to the smallest work first. You may bring your own plinth for 3-d work. This should be clean and tidy before delivery. This must also be stable. 

There is no size restriction although a guideline of up to 1m sq is recommended. If you're unsure about any aspect of display please contact the us before delivery and feel free to visit to view the Gallery and access. 

There is parking in a car park & limited disabled spaces with a few additional spaces at the back of the building. The centre can get busy during the day so parking may be limited at busy times.   

The gallery takes a 25% commission from sales made during the exhibition.  Artists must ensure that the price on their labels includes this commission.  Payment for sales can be made by cash by visitors. Monies from sales will be paid to the artist within 30 days of the end of the exhibition by the gallery. The majority of artworks on display should be for sale.   

Any artwork must be exhibited at the artists own risk or under their own insurance to the full value of the work.   

The gallery and Cheshire Open Studios will be responsible for promoting the exhibition within its publicity circles, for example; website, exhibitions programme and press releases.  Artists will also assist with distribution of posters and brochures throughout the region. Many do press releases. Any other publicity that you wish to undertake yourself must make mention of the exhibition and gallery including the opening hours and state that Admission is FREE.   General If you are a group please ensure that all artists that are exhibitors are aware of these terms and conditions. 

Please also refer to the full “COSA Application Guidelines” on our website for full information on fees and other details here http://cheshireopenstudios.org.uk/sign-up/.

Any questions? Please contact Midge on 07808944550  Mon-Fri 10 am to 4pm or email info@cheshireopenstudios.org.uk


You will also need to complete Exhbition Entry Form (Part B) which you can find here 

GO TO PART B https://midgecos.typeform.com/to/Zem0UN.


Submission of your entry confirms acceptance of the Exhibition Entry Terms & Conditions.

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